Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Twenty Question Tuesday

In your eyes, what’s Paradise?
For me, paradise isn't a place, it's a life I dream of! To be making enough money doing what I love, to be free to travel wherever, whenever and basically to live life to the full without getting dragged down into mundane everyday life things!

Prized Possession
Drawings that my Dad does for my birthdays and Christmas that are supposed to be from the cats!

Favourite medium to work with and why?
Photography because... it's what I'm good at and where my heart lies! Otherwise it'd have to be paper and glue and paint.... I love all things arty, crafty and creative really.

Flowers or chocolate?

Who influenced you the most?
A lady I knew in my teens who said I could do anything I want – she was right!

Who would you most like to go to Dinner with?
My Mum. She died when I was eleven.

Top Cat or Banana Splits?
Neither!  I don't remember having a favourite but I did watch Rainbow, Fireman Sam and Postman Pat.

Today I wore:
Jeans, layers of t-shirts, hoodie, fingerless gloves, long socks + leg warmers and a scarf. Hey, it's cold and this cottage has no heating!

Do you have a favourite online {bead, craft or textile} place to shop and would recommend.
When I made cards I always shopped at Craft Creations for supplies. Otherwise it's gotta be Etsy or Ebay since between them they have it all!

What inspired you to do what you do?
I've always worked for myself doing something creative, I started off making cards and gifts which I sold online then I kinda overlapped into doing website design and somewhere along the line I fell into photography. I can't say that anything inparticular inspired me other than a passion to work for myself and to make money doing what I enjoy!

McDreamy or McSteamy?
I get them muddled up but I think McDreamy – he's the older guy right, with brown hair?

If you could do anything else, what would it be?
Ohhh there's so much I want to do! Ok, if I can have/do anything I want a campervan to travel around Europe in, and maybe even the world. And later on in life I want a cafe with shop and to live on a small holding. I like to dream big!

Favourite item of clothing
Jeans. Boots. I'm not someone that cares about clothes or fashion.

Best childhood memory
It sounds bad, but nothing instantly comes to mind! Umm so maybe at a push I'd have to say many a school holiday spent in Devon where my grandparents lived.

Most cringe-worthy moment
I don't think I want to share that kinda thing – best forgotten or at least buried deep in my head!

Favourite holiday destination
Right now that would be Paris. We went for a few days in September and I want to go back!

Which celebrity would you have as your best friend and why
No idea! I don't keep up with the celebs and no one instantly comes to mind.

Best “crafty” tip you can offer
Not so much a crafty tip but, have fun with your work. You have to enjoy and love what you make otherwise you'll soon get bored and that shows!

What’s your Star sign?

What would you most like to see happen next?
Lots of orders! To have my prints in small gift shops all over the UK. To travel more, and for my boyfriend and I to get a place of our own.

ahhhhh! J'adore Paris! ....... *sigh*

Fab responses from Emily of Emele's Blog. Emily found hello gorgeous through Twitter and asked if she could participate in this feature......go take a look at her blog, her photography is lovely!  Oh! and another one to join the "Campervan Wish Club".......... ;o)
hello gorgeous xxx

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