Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Twenty Question Tuesday

In your eyes, what’s Paradise?
I am my most happiest when I am making things; my idea of Paradise would include a good meal, tasty wine, good company, friendly conversation and of course, crafting with wild abandon! (Set in on a tropical island with beach access wouldn’t be bad either.)

Prized Possession
In a past-life, I must have been a magpie, because I’m a collector of things and I don’t have just one. Among some of my favourites are my Anne Choi bead collection, the quilts made by my grandmother, a fine silver box with beach glass by Kathy Van Kleeck, embroidered textile art by Iviva Olenick, and a fine silver Mumu King focal bead by Candice Wakumoto.

Favourite medium to work with and why?
My greatest love is collage. I was making collages before I even understood what I was doing. Perhaps why I love it so much is that I’ve felt that I was the product of two-worlds more than once and the act of making collage, bringing together two or more things of different origins in a singular, coalesced body, is something that is inherent to my genetic makeup.

Flowers or chocolate?
Why settle for one? Why not both?

Who influenced you the most?
It’s probably cliché to say, but my mother is probably one of the biggest influences. She and my grandmother both encouraged my creativity and showed me that you could make beauty out of very little. Over the years, I’ve added to my list of people who have made noticeable impacts in my life and work: Mary Michalak and Phi Yoba for teaching me to follow my dreams, Cheryl Donegan for teaching me not only how to draw better, but to see better, Tobi Kahn for encouraging my OCD and making me very particular about details, Ellsworth Ausby for giving me the gift of color, Nancy Chunn who taught me to question, and Elena Sisto for slicing open space and making me understand composition. I could not forget my sister, Cynthia Thornton, or Anne Choi and Kate McKinnon. There are many others, but hopefully I’ve told them just how deeply they’ve changed my life.

Who would you most like to go to Dinner with?
I think it’d be absolutely fascinating going to dinner with Tracy Chapman. I’ve been binging on her music lately and have realized what soul and depth there is to her work. It’d be nice to sit down and share a meal with someone who’s talent I admire.

Top Cat or Banana Splits?
The Banana Splits. I am drawn to the strange, anthropomorphic fuzzy costumes.

Today I wore:
Pyjamas, a hoodie, a scarf and THICK wool socks. (It’s cold out!)

Do you have a favourite online {bead, craft or textile} place to shop and would recommend
I’ve got a few! Two of my most used online bead stores are Fusion Beads and Artbeads.com. I also really like Auntie’s Beads, Ornamentea, Beadaholique, Rio Grande, Whole Lotta Whimsy, and Objects and Elements. I also am on Etsy way too much! (I should also mention that I’m partial to my own online store Andrew Thornton

What inspired you to do what you do?
Although my life as a creative individual has a lot to do with inspiration, I don’t think I was necessarily inspired to do what I do, so much as I was born to do it. Being an artist is a calling. I’ve tried my hand at other things and while I was good at them and successful, they didn’t quite fit. I need time and space to think and make.

McDreamy or McSteamy?

If you could do anything else, what would it be?
Living a life of service is important to me. If I wasn’t an artist full-time, I would want to devote more of my attentions to helping others. This world is a beautiful one, filled with much magic and delight, but it isn’t without flaws. People are sick, hungry, without homes… in need of help. I think I could be very happy devoting myself to trying to help others.

Favourite item of clothing
My hoodie.

Best childhood memory
I remember going into the big red barn in our backyard with my siblings to play. When I opened the door, an owl flew down out of the rafters, over my head, and out the door in a silent swoop. It was a truly beautiful moment. Ever since then, the owl has appeared to me… singling moments of great importance and change.

Most cringe-worthy moment
Once I was playing in the kitchen and fell on my face. I had to have all of my front teeth pulled. The different assortments of strings my father attempted to pull my teeth with kept breaking and snapping. It was extremely painful and ever since then, I’ve been self-conscious about my smile.

Favourite holiday destination
I love Hawaii. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and the people there are so nice. I feel at home there.

Which celebrity would you have as your best friend and why
Tilda Swinton. I think she’s beautiful and brilliant.

Best “crafty” tip you can offer
Keep doing what you’re doing. Listen to your muse and follow your heart, dreams, and mind. But don’t close yourself off to listening to others and accept criticism and feedback with grace. At the same time, don’t become a crowd pleaser. Strike a balance and keep on making.

What’s your Star sign?
I’m a libra.

What would you most like to see happen next?
I’m really fortunate to see the things I most want to have happen move forward. I’ve always loved teaching and soon I’ll have a few opportunities to do just that. On December 19th, I’ll be teaching a workshop at the Crystal Bead Bazaar in Pittsburgh and this winter there are two sessions of workshops entitled, “Capturing the Moment” with Kate McKinnon in Tucson, Arizona that I’m really excited about. I’m in love with the idea of travelling around and teaching. Hopefully within the near future, I’ll be able to put together a few how-to books craft books and share in that way as well.

I’m also excited about my online shop and seeing it grow and expand. I’d love to start creating my own lines of components for jewelry. It’s a dream of mine to provide beautiful things for people to work with.

Ideally I’d like to continue living a creative life, continuing to make things and explore the world around me.

My thanks to the beautiful Andrew Thornton for this week's contribution.....pop along to The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton to see what's on his mind....he has SO much to share with you ;o)


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