Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tears and Raindrops

I've had a particularly low day today {and the grey skies don't really help}. 
As a result I have been a calorie-laiden, comfort eating naughty girl, whilst nice at the time....I now feel slightly green around the gills!  pah!!

Here are just two of the items I demolished...

whilst watching numerous episodes of Oprah's farewell season....

which, when feeling teary, doesn't help...
especially when the shows are filled with inspirational and emotional stories...

there's an up to this day...
my order of soup has arrived, Bead Soup that is, yay!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day so I can photograph all the ingredients of the soup!!!

want to share!!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Big Hugs coming your way - I have days like that where I can quite easily graze my way through all the naughty stuff in the cupboards - the weather certainly doesn't help I know!!
    Anyway, your treats look very tasty and I am very curious to see what your Bead Soup is all about.

    Love Julia x

  2. Sorry to hear you've had a down day. But hey, chocolate always helps!

    Virtual hug
    Laura x

  3. Hugs hon, sorry you are feeling out of sorts and I hope that tomorrow is better.

  4. Hope you're feeling stronger now - the time of year is not conducive to cheerfulness when the weather is so cold and grey. Sometimes we just have to allow ourselves those odd days of self-indulgence and face the next day afresh.

  5. Oh, darlin' ...

    My only hope is that the contents of that package make you smile! :) Can't wait to get mine!


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