Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Urmmm....what's on YOUR bead table??


As you know {or maybe not} my world was recently turned upside down.  What I thought was going to be a positive 2011 started off as something completely different...and totally unexpected!

One of the things I truly wanted to, no...needed to do this year, was to create more jewellery pieces and finally get into the "swing" of creating some kinda career out of it...that was/is the plan anyway!

Trouble is, the room I "create" in is the dining room, which is never used as a dining room but a dumping ground!

Yes, another thing I want to "change" this year.....more family meals around the table!

This is how it looks at the moment

{it looks SO bare without blinds...another "change" for this year!}

and this is what's on my bead table today!!!

* remnants of my bead soup package from Design by Cassandra
* pliers pouch
* a stack of paperwork
* a gift bag FULL of delicious beads
*tissue paper and cellotape
*my bead fund money box {green}
*a few jars of silver-plated findings
*coloured side inserts for adidas trainers

my next to tidy up the table...once that's done...
I can create!!!

The first thing I will be creating is for a VERY good cause

Make sure you come back on Saturday to check it out!

Have a creative Wednesday!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. So sorry about your Dad. You have given a great testimony about him! Good luck keeping that table cleaned off... any available flat surface is fair game it seems! Family dinners together are important for sure. Cant wait to see what you make for the 7000 Bracelets for Hope.. I finished and mailed mine. It was fun!

  2. You have been thrown a few curve balls this year.
    Once you get all your stuff organized, you will FEEL better and CREATE beautifully!!!

  3. Your table looks like mine!!!! Its a constant job tidying it up and we do have a family meal at it on Sundays so I move the piles onto the floor and then back day I will have a set of shelves in the office/spare bedroom, that may make a difference??? Probably not ;-) Can't wait to see your bracelet, what a lovely idea!


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