Thursday, 2 June 2011

"I ♥ Daisy" the name of this piece created by hello gorgeous for the Saving Daisy raffle. 

{"I ♥ Daisy"}

The bracelet is an easy-wear elasticated piece consisting of 8mm Czech glass fire-polished jet rounds accentuated with a Sterling Silver open hollow heart.

Casual or smart, day or evening wear "I ♥ Daisy" would fit in perfectly...whatever the occasion! 

The raffle closed on 24th May but will be drawn tomorrow - 3rd June - I am very excited to be part of this fabulous gesture by one Facebook friend to another, in what would otherwise have been a heart-wrenching choice for Daisy's owners to make.  The raffle was set up to raise the £1,600 needed to cover the cost of surgery to Daisy's leg.  It has ended up raising £3,434.47 with some amazing prizes on offer....all donated by craft people in and out of the industry. 
The last I heard there will be one massive prize with 19 {yes, nineteen} smaller ones.

The excess monies raised {once prizes have been posted} will be split equally between The Dog's Trust and Asperger's Society {which is a condition Daisy's owners have first hand knowledge of with their son}

DAISY UPDATE: I am happy to tell you Daisy has had her op {after a few false starts} and is on the long road to's amazing what you can achieve when you pull together. 
THIS is what puts a smile in my heart!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. I'm happy Daisy is doing well!

    And that is an AMAZING photo!

  2. So happy things have worked out for the better!!!! Daisy is gorgeous. xo


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