Sunday, 27 May 2012

Two things happened this weekend...

Firstly, the Olympic Torch Relay rolled into Cardiff at 6.00pm on 25th May, for two days.  I was aiming to go and see it on Day 1, as it literally was a stones throw from the front door, but due to other commitments that {typically} ran on longer than they should have that day we missed it.  I can't tell you how gutted I was...lump in the throat/welling tears gutted {THAT in itself took me by surprise} I think I was the only one in the house who REALLY wanted to go and see it, so it mattered to me more than them, "Mum, it's just some person running with a torch!"  

Anyway Day 2 it was to be...unfortunately it began at 6.30am at Cardiff Bay! pah!  Fortunately, I had to take my eldest to work for 6.00am and the starting point was a stones throw away from his place of work, bonus! Double bonus was, I found out late the night before that Matt Smith, the current Dr Who, was kicking off the event! YAY!!  I have come to think that the previous days events running over were fate for me to go on the second day!

It was a glorious morning, bright and sunny with just a slight hint of a breeze...truly beautiful!  The crowds were out in force too...we positioned ourselves on the steps of The Senedd {Welsh Assembly} as that is where the first handover was going to be and, to my mind, my best chance of seeing "the Dr".

"The Kiss"
Matt Smith handing the flame to 14 year old swimmer Lilo Roberts
 ranked top 3 for her age in Wales at the 100m freestyle

It was a great morning, over in a flash, but the atmosphere was fab....street entertainers, merry-go rounds, people queuing for ice-cream at 6.45am {WTH!} and if that wasn't satisfying enough, why not sit outside a bay side cafe/bar and munch on a burger and a capaccino!

The second thing that happened this weekend...Picmonkey released their long-awaited Collage editing programme...wahoo! 

I have put a little collage together of "the Dr and the torch", that could be the title of a future episode! ;o)

Today, I am having a day of rest...sun is shining, sat in the garden, reading the latest book, glass of vino in hand.

Hope your weekend was truly as nice ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx 


  1. Wonderful shots!! I'm glad you had the opportunity to see the torch relay. I hope your weekend was amazing!!

  2. I am so glad that you had the opportunity to see the flame being passed. That is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. And to see the Doctor... I live in the States but I am a devoted fan.


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