Saturday, 19 January 2013

The beginning...

...of a "new" Ice Age...

Snow has become a novelty in Britain during Winter over the last 20/30 years...the norm seems to have become wet winters, cold winters and on the odd occasion, mild winters; but for the last three years we have had snow in Winter, across the WHOLE country...I'm not just talking a light dusting either, it's "country grinding to a halt" kinda snowfall {mind you, that's not actually hard to achieve as this country, whilst proud of  "pulling together", seems to grind to a halt very easily!}

For our part of the country in particular, we have had a Red weather warning for snow...not a usual occurance...the last was in 2010 when this happened

Source: Met Office 2010

A "white-out" across the country...the first time the whole country has been covered in snow at the same time. Before that, well, I can't recall ever hearing a Red weather warning....Is this the beginning of the "new" Ice Age??

It arrived early hours on Friday, whilst some areas of South Wales have had it quite bad, we had it heavy, but thankfully not too late afternoon it was possible to clear the snow off the car, gingerly escape from the street and drive on the main roads, with caution. So we took the opportunity to get some groceries {yes, I know..."closing the door after the horse has bolted"}, pop into the wool shop...well, snow's not gonna stop a girl from keeping hold of her creative mojo, right??

Super Chunky = Super Gorgeous-ness!

I also got to carry out a  "Random Act of Kindness"  for a homeless chap, before heading back home ahead of the temperatures dropping & ice forming.

Today, we had to pop out to collect our youngest from the other side of the City, he had a snow day yesterday with his mates and ended up sleeping at a friends...was a better plan than trying to collect him last night.  The bonus in all of this I got to stop the car and take a few snow pictures on the way home...the downside, I failed to take my  "proper" camera with me, so had to rely on the iPhone, but am still a happy bunny!

Here's just a few...

and finally my favourite feathery few...

Hope you're having a fab weekend....snowy or otherwise!


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