Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day....

and I think Spring has sprung, finally!!
it's still on the chilly side but this week's forecast is sunshine all the way...can't wait to see more things burst into life :o)

This is also the time of year that the gorgeous blooms of the Magnolia trees show themselves, they are SOOOO gorgeous and have always been irked at not being able to have one in our small garden, but, last night, while diving into Asda after football to pick up a pizza for a quick tea, I spotted lots of
plants for sale {as is usual this time of year}, and surprisingly a whole range of Magnolias! One, aptly named "Susan" is suitable for "small gardens and even patio pots"....can you guess what happened next? yes, ***happy dance***, a ride in the trolley to checkout {the plant, not me!} and a swift journey home to our small back garden. 

At this moment in time it is basking in the glorious sunshine of the day, waiting to be ensconsed in it's new home...I'm thinking the large pot I have in the garden will be just the place for it, that way I can move it around the garden as I see fit...I know it won't be as spectacular as the gorgeous big trees but it will be my little "bonsai" Magnolia :oD

And finally, a request to all you gardeners out there, can any of you tell me what this tree is called, it's in a neighbour's garden but was planted before the current neighbours moved in...any ideas?? 

Hope you are having some super sunshine where you are and that Spring truly feels like it's here {unless, of course, you are heading for Autumn or Winter!}


hello gorgeous xxx