Thursday, 16 October 2008

Finally Sorted!!!

At last I have finally sorted my phone/PC transfer problems and as you can see have uploaded my SOS Christmas cards onto my trimcraft gallery. After the initial trepidation of starting to make Christmas cards I actually enjoyed it! All the more enjoyable as its for the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least they get to send a card home for Christmas even if they can't get home themselves.
Well it's a sunny day in Cardiff today and it feels like a positive day for me, keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way and doesn't go downhill.

Chat Soon

hello gorgeous xxxxx


  1. Well done on uploading your pics. Technology can be a pain at times, but when it works its cool! lol
    Like the card by the way.


  2. Love this card and i'm sure the troops will too. Take care. Donna x


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