Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My Head is Buzzing!

Well my head is buzzing! I have finally, hurrah!, decided to set up a blog page (if that's the right term?), have been on here all day trying to put things in the right place, not sure of what I am doing really, just going along with clicking here and posting there but no doubt will pick it up somehow. I really wanted to put some music on here but that has proved to be the major pain in the b'hind!

While plodding along with life I stumbled upon crafting, card-making to be precise, and whilst I had a rocky start I have, over the last few months, become very addicted! Well, to be honest I was addicted when I found it back in 2007 and probably spent a small fortune before I could even put embellishment to card! But now I am in the swing of things thanks to the monthly orders from my mum and for Support Our Soldiers (SOS) whose request came via a forum I have become part of (and quite frankly probably couldn't do without - very nice bunch of people I have to say!)
It seems very strange "talking" to a computer monitor, but no doubt will be even stranger to have it "talk" back!

Well, as this is a work in progress, I am heading back inside to learn more so I can add some lovely, and hopefully interesting, things for you to look at and read.
I would be interested to know what you think of the site so far and where I could improve, looking forward to becoming part of the bigger family.

hello gorgeous xxxxx


  1. love the design. Well done.
    Sam x

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blog! I love the design you have gone for. I look forward to more postings. Have fun.


  3. A great start. Look forward to seeing more as you add it.
    Julie x

  4. We want Jason, We want Jason
    We want Jason, we want Jason!!! lol

    Sorry but could not resist!


  5. Well done on setting up your blog, cant wait to see what you create.


  6. A great start can't wait to see more.I'm new to blogging myself, so i know exactly what you mean.


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