Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Twenty Question Tuesday

{creator: Darcy Wilkinson}
In your eyes, what’s Paradise?
A good night's sleep, I have always slept poorly and in recent years it has become much worse. I long for an 8 hour deep, refreshing sleep. Unobtainable I guess, without really strong drugs lol, but then I suppose Paradise is just a pipedream for most people.

Prized Possession
Hmm, the sappy answer would be my health and my family, due to ill health I do appreciate them so much more. But I am a material girl at heart so I think it will have to be my craft room, in its entirety! I have had to share rooms all my life, never had a space to call my own till now and I love it! If I had to pick one thing alone it would have to be my iPod, I cannot live without music....hmmm but then there is Facebook, so I do need my laptop, oh and my phone, and promarkers, and journals... Do you see my dilemma? *stands up* My name is Darcy, I have issues with choosing!

Favourite medium to work with and why?
It's been a long time since I was able to get into anything medium...oh right, not that kind of medium...well it changes often, but right now I am loving my promarkers.

Flowers or chocolate?
I am not keen on cut flowers, for a start they die, which makes me sad, secondly many come from abroad and involve a huge carbon footprint and thirdly if they have a strong perfume they give me a migraine...as does chocolate, but hey sometimes you just have to suffer, no? If I were to choose one to receive, on a virtuous day I would say flowers, but in a plantable, native form for the garden. On a normal day I would say a big bar of Galaxy, thank you very much.

Who influenced you the most?
My Grandmother, she brought me up and taught me life skills and decent values. She also tried to get me to eat tripe, but I forgive her.

Who would you most like to go to Dinner with?
Stephen Fry, though I wouldn't dare speak for fear of sounding terribly "stoopid" compared to him.

Top Cat or Banana Splits?
I don't remember ever watching Banana Splits, but I did love Top Cat, though my fave cartoon was Duckula.

Today I wore:
Pjs and a smile.

RomCom or Horror flick, explain your choice
Neither, I prefer sci-fi/fantasy or action/thriller. My fave films are The Usual Suspects and Labyrinth.

What inspired you to do what you do?
What do I do? I am not sure what that is. I do a bit of everything, Jack of all trades, master of none! I am inspired by everybody, I want to do what they do, and that changes with every person I meet, lol! Nobody in my family creates...not one of them, my Grandmother did some knitting, but not a lot. My mother writes a little and can play piano, but that is it. So I have no idea where my love of creating comes from. I blame t'interwebs!

McDreamy or McSteamy?
McDreamy, I know who they both are but I don't watch it.

If you could do anything else, what would it be?
I am pretty sure I would be really good at being an heiress to a billion dollar fortune! I know you are nodding in agreement Sue!

Okay, I would like to be musical, nothing stopping me I suppose...well apart from the lack of billionaire-ness, there is a keyboard in the attic...I could learn.

If you want a serious answer...you weren't really expecting any of those were you? Oh! ok, you were...hmmm well I wasn't great at Science at school, but I am fascinated by Forensics. Truly I would love to be good at Science and work in the field of Forensic Investigation.

Favourite item of clothing
Shoooooooooooooes! nuff said!

Best childhood memory
My childhood wasn't great, I have blanked out entire chunks of it. I have no more than half a dozen photos and a few stuffed toys, no other memorabilia...and hence no memories. But for one. I must have been 3-4 years old, I was in the flat of a family friend, a grandfather type figure. He would put on Flamenco music (on a proper old fashioned record player) for me to dance to while I ate pickled onions. I think this explains a lot...

Most cringe-worthy moment
Yesterday...in the local shop I was buying a bottle of wine to take to a bar-b-que. I was asked my age, and for ID. Given that I am 40 I was stunned, then the assistant exclaimed really loudly 'oh you are never 40' and 2 other shopworkers and a customer came over to look at me. I was totally red faced and after I finally paid I pretty much ran out of the shop.

Favourite holiday destination
Germany: Because I went there when I was 15 and fell in love with a cute boy...fickle like that. Norway: Because it was so beautiful, and when I went they had MTV which mesmerised me, (was a long time ago and we didn't have it here in the UK) I've been to a few places, but given the choice I would always go to Scotland. I am not from there and have no family connections there, but it always feels like going home when I am there. I cannot explain it.

Which celebrity would you have as your best friend and why
Simon Cowell. He is my guilty pleasure, I do love him a lot, but I would never actually want to have a celebrity boyfriend, so best friend would be the next best thing.

Best “crafty” tip you can offer
There is no 'wrong'...however learn about colour, you will be glad you did.

What’s your Star sign?
Aquarius...ahhh I get it now, my crafty gene is not family related, I got it from The Universe. Apparently us Aqua types are all creative, I know lots...see my lubbly friend Kirsty in a previous post...go on scroll down, you know you want to!

What would you most like to see happen next?
I'd like you to scroll back...oh you are back, great! I would like my son to get a good and permanent job within the field he has studied the past 4 years, in which he will soon have 2 degrees and a huge financial debt! That would give me so much piece of mind. For myself...oh the usual, lose weight, get fit, get my house in order....generally just get more stuff finished. I am great at starting projects, finishing...not so good, unless it is cakey bakey-ness, I can finish those no problem!

Oh P.S...am I allowed a P.S? too late, I've started, so I'll finish....I have started *groan* to learn Romanian, I really would like to see me able to have a proper conversation in Romanian with my Transylvanian friends.

P.P.S...hello gorgeous, I would like to see us meet up some time.

My thanks to the lovely Darcy Wilkinson whose blog Art and Sole is ALWAYS full of tasty-ness!!!  Would be fab to meet up....who knows what the future will bring...... ;o)

On another note: I would like to thank Tracy Smith of Cinnamon Jewellery for interviewing me for her latest "Sunday Showcase on Folksy" blog post... ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Hi, just found your blog through PEBBLEDASH.....love the earrings in the previous post.....beautiful colour.
    florrie x

  2. oops, it's me again, forgot to say I added your lovely button to my page, hope that was ok.
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