Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wish List :o)

A day late thanks to a dreaded cold virus ~ this week's wishes are purely materialistic but, nonetheless important, especially as Christmas is fast approaching!!!!!

A Shiny Cooker
have been "making do" for the last few months after the bottom oven went pop
now the grill in the top oven is wilting!!
There's no room to cook a turkey!
Me no like the thought of Beans on Toast for Christmas Dinner!!

A Dishwasher
another thing I have been doing since Christmas last year is washing all my dishes by hand
while my dishwasher sits in the corner refusing to work
too expensive to fix and too expensive to replace
what else can you do except wash by hand!!! pah!

Hope you like my wishes, what are yours this week??


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Our dishwasher broke at the beginning of the year and I lasted a whole 2 weeks before I got a new one. We got a really good deal from a seconds shop. It was a fraction of the price due to a dint in the side, which you never see anyway!

  2. Rach, I'd like to have the one above, which then means of course I would need a new kitchen to go with it.....but these are in my pipe dreams!!!!

    Gonna look this weekend, more concerned with the cooker.....MUST be able to cook my turkey!!

    hugs xxx


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