Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wish List :o)

This week it's all down to stress thanks to a certain teenager,
so firstly I would like to settle down with

A Soothing Baileys

followed by

A Relaxing Massage

and hopefully my stress levels will return to normal.....
and if they don't

let's just repeat the process! ;o)

Hope you like my wishes, what's yours??


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Have you seen Baileys are doing a new hazelnut version?

    It is a soothing drink. Almost like a pudding in a glass.

    Laura x

  2. hmmmm, I knew they had a new one out but wasn't sure of the flavour.....that does sound delish! Will just have to try it.....hopefully they will have tasters on offer in Tesco's in the next few weeks, will just have to ground around the aisle once or twice {or three or four} times!!! ;oO

  3. Ohhh, that sounds so great. I can totally relate to that wish!


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