Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wish List :o)

William & Kate
my wish is for them to have a long and happy life together, to feel free enough to plan, enjoy and share their lives with each other, family and friends

my wish is for the media/paparazzi to reign in their obsession with "getting the shot" understand when enough is enough and ultimately for William & Kate be left to enjoy each others company, to carry out official {and non-official} duties without hindrance or upset and to....

learn from past experience! 

Congratulations to William & Kate...
happy planning!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Here, here!! Well said!

  2. I agree. Congratulations to the lovely couple but GIVE THEM A BREAK!!

    PS Are you still looking for PIF participants??

  3. SO beautifully written, I agree 100%! We've been hearing a lot about the engagement here in the US - I am happy for them, what an exciting time (but hopefully the press will back off!).

  4. Me too, I am so happy and excited about their engagement. I am a Californian Anglophile, guess it's all the Jane Austen I have read!


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