Friday, 13 April 2012

April Showers....

We had the strangest day weather wise started off bathed in glorious sunshine, even if it was a little chilly!  Sat in the house looking through the window at the beautiful day thinking it looked really balmy out there when suddenly the MOST enormous thunderous noise suddenly fell upon us....both the dog and I looked all around us, Millie running off all over the house, barking, checking out the "baddy" and me actually ducking on the sofa! 

taken quickly from the garden whilst diving out there to bring in the washing

We were both actually shaken by it...once Millie had realised there was no "baddy" in the house she came straight back to the living room and sat so close to me on the sofa it felt like she was attached at the hip...her body shaking uncontrollably. 

Confused as to what/where this noise came from I looked out of the back window only to see this approaching...there was NO hint of it arriving until the thunder clap overhead,

Running to the garden, shoeless, to grab in the washing that was 99% dry, throwing it on the dining table, swiping up my camera to capture the storm that was approaching us, within five minutes there was torrential rain as well as more thunder and lightening....this continued for the next hour, then just as suddenly the sun and blues skies appeared again.  

We endured this eratic weather for the rest of the day with the addition of winds and was truly amazing!

The upside to this weather was, when dropping off the hubby around teatime to play football, witnessing the MOST gorgeous cloud formations from the brightest of whites and fluffiness to the darkest of black and squally-ness....nature is just awesome and SO BIG!!!

I managed to grab a quick shot or two.....but they really don't do justice to some of the formations I saw whilst in the driving seat {sadly not being able pull over to capture them!}  

{these two pictures are taken on the same road, the top one looking to the right and the bottom looking to the left}

Another amazing site was seeing a prism of light shining up towards the clouds bouncing off a copper roofed arts was like the Bat signal from Batman & Robin!  Again sadly not in a position to capture it as I was driving...but it was mesmerising!

Today the forecast  is for sunny skies with rain later on....but hopefully nothing like yesterday!

How's your weather been lately....expected or unexpected?


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Great shots with very nice light....i like them

    Greetings, Joop

  2. WOW, Sue! What beautiful shots. That second shot is absolutely amazing!!
    Your words gave me a great picture in my mind of you and your dog ducking for cover :)
    I love the light in the last 2 shots, too.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my FB page.


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