Saturday, 28 April 2012

Just a few clicks.....

This little beauty came into my possession recently...and I can't STOP stroking it!  I am smitten!!

I have also found Instagram...and I am hooked!!
Here are a few clicks of the camera this past week...

homemade toasted egg muffin...a recent favourite with the teenagers in the house

the Olympic Rings erected outside City Hall....
we, as a City, are hosting some of the football matches

left side of Cardiff Castle...caught, whilst stuck in rush-hour traffic, on the way to football

right side of Cardiff Castle...caught again whilst stuck in rush-hour traffic

What are you smitten with lately?


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Oh Instagram definitely LOL! Hubby said I would be a lost soul without my social media....LOVE my little phone! What? Youre supposed to make calls on it?? ;-)

  2. I agree!!! Smitten with Instagram... it's so much fun and so addictive :)

  3. Oh how I miss having one of those phones. I will again soon, then I will be over the top smitten. Nice photos!

  4. I love mine too....and yes, the camera is amazing isn't it? I love instagram as well...much better than Facebook.
    woot woot for the olympics!

  5. I too am hooked on Instagram and I love following you on there too :)


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