Monday, 29 November 2010

Movie Magic!

Leslie Neilson

Leslie Neilson was a comic genius!! FACT!

I remember, when I was younger, my Dad calling my brother and I to come and settle down to watch the film that was about to start, it was around Christmas time....the film was called Airplane and turned out to be the funniest film ever!  We laughed and laughed all the way through was {is} usual with me when I find something funny I cry with laughter...the memory of this film will stick with me forever.

Here's one of the more famous one-liners from Airplane ;o)

I was SO excited when the Naked Gun films were released and, true to form, was not disappointed by the fantastic deadpan comedy and timing Leslie possessed.  My other favourite was the Police Squad episodes, released in the 1980's and filmed to look like those cheesy 70's police dramas...never failed to make me giggle

The only other person to make me laugh like this was Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.
Leslie's career spanned almost 60 years and he continued to work until recently...he has a film due for release in 2011.

Sadly Leslie died on 28th November 2010 aged 84.

Thanks for the laughs Leslie ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. he was such a funny man - we all used to sit down and watch police squad together when i was little (am sure thinking back I didn't get half of the jokes) - but happy memories!


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